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Author Topic: My Day Without Using The Toilet  (Read 7415 times)

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My Day Without Using The Toilet
« on: May 23, 2012, 06:12:59 PM »
I am into various aspects of pee play, unfortunately mostly alone .I would love to have a women who would do the same. My favorite thing is to hold it until my pee comes out involuntarily. The ultimate idea was to deny myself the use of the toilet for an entire day. Has anyone else done this? Anyway this is my story of the day I didn't let my pee out voluntarily all day.-True Story

I wanted to try this for a long time, deny myself using the toilet to pee for an entire day. It was my day off; I awoke with a very full bladder. I laid there enjoying my fullness. For about 20 minutes. I get up and as always go outside to get the paper. My intention was to pee in the shower after breakfast. I Ran the water to start my morning tea and I am hit with the first violent urge to pee. The pee runs down my dick and pressed against the tip right at the hole. I squeezed it hard with my whole hand crossing my legs tightly squirming desperately. My dick swelled with pee as it looked for a way out. I had that squeezed shut for now. I sat down and drank a 12 oz glass of juice. The pressure was immense I was sure I would loose it at any moment or I would explode. The pressure of the pent up pee in my dick was unbelievable and getting worse by the minute. I didn't want to pee on the floor so I fought back with all my strength. I was squeezing my legs in out pressing them tightly together, bouncing them up and down. I could not remove my hand for even a second. I was so close to wetting myself. The pressure at my hole felt like needles. I eat my toast and drink my tea which made even it worse. Finally I finish breakfast and run hunched over holding my self all the way down the hall to the bathroom. I walk to the tub thrusting my hand inside my sweat pants to grab myself from inside because once I remove my hand I fear I will loose it .I want desperately for this to be an in the shower thing. I strip of my clothes with one hand, switching hands to yank off my shirt. As soon as I am naked however the pee explodes through my hand no longer to be denied its escape I move my soaked hand away and all that pent up pressure is released so hard that I feel my hole being stretched wide out to its limit as the pee rushes to escape. It could not come out any harder. I am glad I was standing near the tub because the stream was unstoppable. It arches hard across the tub to the back wall. Realizing that doing it in the shower is now imposable I just let it flow for about a full minute. What sweet relief. But the day had just begun. I shower and get dressed into my first pair of jeans for the day. I have a second cup of tea and start filling up my bladder again It is now lunch time I am filling up again. I drink a 20 oz cup of iced tea with lunch and busy myself with some chores around the house by 1:00 my bladder is getting quite full and I can feel it in my dick as well.
I have deliberately saved washing the dishes until last. Running water, having my hands in hot water makes it very hard for me to hold on. It wasn't long before the pressure in my dick increased dramatically Soon I am crossing my legs against it. I keep my hand in the sink as long as I can. Running the water to rinse makes me squirm and squeeze my legs tightly. The pressure has reached the tip by now and is getting intense and sharp, however I am determined I will finish my task. Another wave hits, pushing me right to the brink. The pee is pressing hard right at the hole I have to rush my hand there and squeeze it and stop the flow, but only temporally. It is now about 2PM the waves are coming closer and are lasting longer. My dick is heavily swollen with pee pressing all the way down to the tip. I am very desperate now bent forward legs crossed hand gripping my dick tightly. But I loose a spurt of pee wetting the front of my white cotton briefs before I can regain control. The immediate need is relived and the wet patch feels pleasant but soon another stronger wave hits pushing me right to the brink again. The pressure is indescribable at the tip of my dick I want to finish so I have it between my legs and am squeezing as with all my strength. Every few minutes a spurt leaks out. I am powerless to stop it. My briefs are now soaked and the dark wet spot is growing down the legs of my jeans. I finally finish however as I separate my legs in order to move a hard jet of hot pee escapes down my legs .Should this be happening a grown man wetting his pants.? Oh hell it's fun. I go to the tub and let the rest flow out in my pants. Again I shower and change. By 5:30 I feel the need to pee again, but nowhere near desperate. However, I expect my daughter to stop by, around 7:00PM and by then I would be in trouble. So I decided not to risk it and I go back to the shower and let it out in my pants. My plan was foiled when she didn't show up until 8:30. I had eaten dinner and drank 3 beers. By now I was really full but could not show my desperation. I was mortified that I would wet my pants in front of my daughter.
We chatted for about 45 minutes. I was fidgety but had to refrain from doing anything about it. I was determined not to use the toilet but the pressure was so very intense I could hardly stand it. She got up to leave and I felt a huge rush of pee run down my penis pressing to get out. She stood at the door and continued to talk, and my bladder was about to explode. Oh God it's going to come out! I rushed behind the kitchen counter, leaned against it, crossed my legs squeezing as tight as I could and hoped. The pressure on my pee hole was so strong I wouldn't notice if it started coming out until I was getting my briefs wet. If she noticed my plight she didn't let on. Finally she left. As I uncrossed my legs a hot hard unstoppable stream of pee shot down my leg. I usually try to stand in something like the shower to contain the flood, but that wasn't happening. I soaked my jeans and made a large puddle of pee on the kitchen floor .I can hold 1.3+ liters so you can imagine, the mess .By this time it was almost 9:30. Because I was so full and had stretched my bladder it didn't empty completely so I soon had to pee again. I got in the tub and let it flow in my already soaked jeans, wetting myself for the forth time that day. I put on a pair of sweats and the rest of the night was uneventful by bedtime I needed to pee again .A warm shower was all my tired bladder needed to involuntarily let loose one last time.
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